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Industrial Refrigeration

Catering to the needs of cold storage warehouses and distribution centers

Expansive & Efficient Cold Storage Capabilities.

Catering to the needs of cold storage warehouses and distribution centers, our Industrial Refrigeration solutions provide expansive and efficient cold storage capabilities. Our cold storage solutions are equipped with advanced temperature control features, ensuring the preservation of perishable goods at their optimal conditions. Our Industrial Refrigeration solutions at KGR Refrigeration are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of various industries, ensuring the integrity of products, enhancing process efficiency, and contributing to overall operational success.

We deploy state-of-the-art refrigeration systems that leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver consistent and reliable performance. From large-scale ammonia-based compressors to industrial-grade refrigeration units, our systems are designed to handle the unique challenges of industrial environments.

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Cold Storage Warehouses

Cold storage warehouses are key players in industrial refrigeration, providing large-scale temperature-controlled storage for perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, and frozen food products.

These facilities use industrial-grade refrigeration systems, including large ammonia-based compressors and extensive insulated storage spaces.

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Food Processing Plants

Industrial refrigeration is integral to food processing plants where raw materials and finished products need to be stored at specific temperatures. This includes chilling and freezing areas for various food items.

Specialised refrigeration systems, such as blast freezers, are often employed to maintain the quality and safety of food products during processing.

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Chemical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

Industrial refrigeration is crucial in chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing to preserve the integrity of sensitive chemicals, pharmaceutical ingredients, and finished products.

Controlled temperature environments, often utilising refrigeration systems with precise temperature monitoring, ensure the stability and quality of these substances.

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Beverage Production Facilities

Beverage production facilities, including breweries and bottling plants, rely on industrial refrigeration for the storage and processing of raw materials such as ingredients and finished products like beverages.

Specialised refrigeration systems, such as glycol chillers for beer production, are commonly used to maintain specific temperature requirements.

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Data Centers

Data centers require sophisticated industrial refrigeration solutions to cool and regulate the temperature of servers and electronic equipment.

Precision cooling systems, often utilising chilled water or other advanced refrigeration methods, are employed to prevent overheating and ensure the optimal functioning of the equipment, maintaining data integrity and system reliability.

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